After School

We believe that small groups in a safe, fun environment are the best way to help kids to realize their potential.

Leadership, outdoor experiences, environmental awareness, friendship and fun play a big part in what it means to be in a Camp Fire Club. The Club Program is the heart of Camp Fire.

As one of the nation’s largest co-ed children’s organizations dedicated to youth development, Camp Fire provides programs for boys and girls ages 3 through 18. Clubs can be found in neighborhoods, schools or even at churches and community centers.

If your child is interested in being in a Club Group please contact our office at 574-387-6095 or email Miss Peggy.

What is Camp Fire Club?

Serving youth from ages 3 to 18, Camp Fire helps boys and girls learn and play side by side in comfortable, informal settings. Our co-ed programs allow parents to consolidate schedules for both their daughters and sons.

Volunteer leaders meet regularly with boys and girls in a small group setting for informal educational experiences. Recognition awards, in the form of emblems and beads, are earned by completing program activities and service projects, such as making Valentines for Vets, Goodwill Dolls, Food Bank visits, etc. Youth usually meet once to twice a month for a group meeting. Once per month, the Council provides an activity that all families can participate in like bowling, nature hikes, caroling, parties, weekend camp outs, etc.

Levels – (age 5 years until 21)

The Club Program is split into levels according to grade. Each level provides fun and educational activities that inspire growth. Youth may join the Club Program at any grade.

  • Starflight – grades K through 2
  • Adventure – grades 3 through 5
  • Discovery – grades 6 through 8
  • Horizon – grades 9 through 12

How do I start a club or become a leader?

Based on nationally recognized programming, everything we do is intentional. Kids find caring adults committed to providing positive role models.

The most important gift you can give is your time. Mentors provide the enthusiasm and passion to nurture today’s youth who want to shape the world. Camp Fire provides the opportunity to find their spark, lift their voice and discover their potential. Become a Leader or Co-Leader for a group of kids or for your own son or daughter’s club.

Camp Fire is in need of adult volunteer mentors (age 18 years and up), please contact our office at 574-387-6095 or email Miss Peggy if you would like more information on starting a Club!

Club Mission

We are youth centered.
We engage the entire family in fun outcome-rich activities.
We are welcoming and inclusive.
We build youth and adult partnerships.
We provide service to others.

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